SOS Stew: Scallops, Octopus and Shrimp

eafood appeals to so many foodies because there are so many different kinds of it to try. On any given night, you might have a hankering for shrimp or maybe scallops or even a tender piece of octopus. …

How filmmakers are utilizing modern innovations to compete with the big boys

Photo by Skycraft Studios on Unsplash

rosumerism is driving a new revolution in the world of content creation. According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, films in production jumped 73% worldwide between 2005 and 2015 — from just over 5,500 films to more than 9,500 — despite the consolidation of major motion picture studios and a…

Read this story for tips on how to get fit and start turning heads

or all of my childhood and most of my young adult life, I was wiry, active and rail thin, with seven percent body fat and the appetite of a starving goat. And then I hit 29 and my metabolism, like a petulant teenager, flicked me the finger and said, “I’m…

Mark Heidelberger

Mark Heidelberger has been writing professionally for 12 years, with over 1,200 articles published across a variety of respected print and online platforms.

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